NexTech Security Solutions in Dar es Salaam

The company speciliases in provision of information security services which include network security, penetration testing, vulnerability testing, Business continuity planning, Online data backup, Information security testing.

  • Penetration Testing

    We prove to you that your network is insecure by gaining access to it.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    we look for the loop holes in your network that could be exploited.

  • Information Security Training

    we give your team/employees information security awareness.

  • Laptop Security

    A laptop is lost every 83 seconds. We provide solutions to help you to recover your lost laptop or delete your sensitive information remotely

  • Business Contiuity Planning

    We help you to plan for uncetainities like floods, fire. We help continue running your business after such calamites

  • Online Backup Solutions

    Is your back up safe? Is it real time?

    We help you answer these questions

  • Online Support 24/7

    Why suffer alone in silence when you are online?

    Have you failed to do something urgent on your computer?

    We help you sort your problems while online. Just give us a call 255766507075

  • Government Intelligence Service - Online

    We have partnered with Industry leaders in this area and we help states and governements improve gather information on criminal activities online. We provide solutions and training to governments.

  • Counter Cyber Crime

    We help government Metropolitan police to fight cyber crime, money laundering, cyber threats.

  • Countering Terrorism Communications

    We have learnt to these criminals communicate since GSM are being taped by almost all governments. So we will provide you with the knowledge and skill of how to interfere these communications.


NexTech Security Solutions
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