Y.H Caster Co., Ltd. in Taiwan

Y.H Caster founded in 1980, a leading and professional manufacturer, supplier and exporter specializing in casters, wheels, bearings, material handling equipment, hand trucks, trolleys, drum dollies,carts, corner buffers, and related hardware accessories. We have been a provider of innovative mobility solutions to all the industries with more than 30 years of experience. Y.H offers a wide rangeof casters and wheels that are extensively applied to all kinds of equipment, furniture, material handling equipment, utensil, DIY hardwares, and are used in nearly every industry. We accept ODM /OEM / orders, also look for overseas distributors and agents to expand the market. If you have any questions and/or requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.


Y.H Caster Co., Ltd.
casters wheels, hand truck, trolley, cart, material handling equipment, hardware accessory, bearing, level adjuster, adustable feet, expanding adaptor, bolt, washer