Magnate Creation Private Limited in Singapore is a one-stop portal for all your home needs, prior to signing the OTP, during the wait and after getting your keys. What do we mean by that? We are THE portal that walks you through theprogress of your Build-to-Order(BTO) flat or condominium development, providing you the latest and accurate updates with all the relevant information along with it. We have our very own dedicatedphotographers going down to the site to capture photos of the development progress of your upcoming homes and then deliver them to you on this platform! Then we also have another bunch of warriors,who are good at disseminating and receiving information, to work on those content. We also work with related businesses like interior designers and furniture vendors to bring to you a real one-stopplatform where all your home needs will be fulfilled. Apart from saving the new home owners' time and satisfying their curiosity on the progress, we do all these to promote the "Kampung Spirit" amongnew home owners. Then, when you move in, you already know what to expect before that, and more importantly, you will not feel alone. Remember to check back on us often, follow us on Facebook andInstagram to be updated on the latest progress of your house, get good deals for your new home and get to know your future neighbours!
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