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ethiXbase was founded in 2011 by highly acclaimed thought leader Richard L. Cassin (of The FCPA Blog) and the same team of industry veterans that launched IntegraScreen, one of the world's largest due diligence providers. In addition to The FCPA Blog, ethiXbase is the publisher of The FCPA Database, China Compliance Digest, FCPA Compliance & Ethics Blog, Corruption Crime and Compliance, and Conflict of Interest Blog. The company has also released books that have become bestsellers in Amazon's international law category, including Michael Volkov's Corruption, Crime and Compliance and Lessons Learned on Compliance and Ethics by Thomas Fox.

  • Law and Enforcement

    ethiXbase is the world's largest database for anti-corruption and compliance professionals in every industry. Our platform and content have been built from the ground up with your needs specifically in mind. We can help you with trending, training, research, monitoring, and more. Whatever your needs, ethiXbase provides a cost-effective and time-saving system for you and your company.


ethiXbase Pte Ltd.
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