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Singapore Creative Design & Marketing Agency - For Over A Decade, Envistar Productions Has Come Far To Be A Specialist In The Arena Of True Multimedia Production, Encompassing Graphics Design,Video Creation, Animation And Web Fabricates.Envistar Elements An Integrated Team Of Creative Designers, Videographers, Programmers, Web Consultants And Marketing Professionals That Delivers The OnlyFinest.
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    Wendy is a restaurateur who is opening her 3rd chain Restaurant. Now the problem is getting out of hand; while she's excellent in her knowledge of cuisines, it is training her chefs and staff that isexhausting her. There are also language problem due to foreign workers, varying understanding ability of the staff and new staff that require fresh training keep flooding in due to high turnover ratein F&B business…Wendy is literally spending most of her time training over and over again, simply because there's nobody who is as good as her to do the job right. Today, Wendy is preparing toopen her 5th restaurant. What happened? She converted her core trainings into digital workshops in different languages. From material preparation, cooking methods to customer service, she can now gether staff to learn themselves anytime and for any number of times, until they are adequate. Wendy now can spend her time in planning further expansion and franchising instead. And time is not theonly thing that she has saved. Cutting huge training cost, avoiding expensive mistakes and consistency of her food and services are part of the return of investment that she's got. If Wendy remindsyou of your experience in your work place, send us an email and we'll be happy to turn your situation around.
    • Internal Training


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