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Alpha-Chiropractic specializes in finding and eliminating the cause of your pain. Chiropractic is one of the least invasive ways of treating sports injuries, improper posture, low back pain and neck pain. We believe in keeping our treatments safe, effective and drug-free. And that is why you should choose Alpha-Chiropractic to treat not just your ailments, but the root of your pain too.

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    Sitting in an office, hunched before your computer can cause you a lot of physical harm. Poor posture, low back pain, neck pain are all a part of today's work culture. This why we founded Alpha-Chiropractic - to offer a panacea for your pain. Chiropractic is one of the least invasive means of eliminating pain- no shots and no surgeries. Just a few manipulations of your muscles and your spine, and a bit of posture correction on your part. And our forte includes sports injuries too. We aim to treat the cause of your ailments and not just offer a temporary cure. Our goal is to ensure that you get well, and stay well.


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