Infinit-O Global Limited in the Philippines

Infinit-O is an outsourcing services provider based in the Philippines. We provide Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) solutions. We are built to address thechallenges of small and medium-sized companies who want to realize the full benefits of outsourcing. We provide a wide variety of services including Back Office, Research, Finance and Accounting,Contact Center, IT Outsourcing, and Healthcare Services. Delivering boutique business process outsourcing solutions is Infinit-O's specialty, affording you real quality results when you need it.
  • Healthcare Services

    Our team of experienced healthcare specialists can support nearly every aspect of the healthcare revenue cycle. We support transactions in the pre-visit, visit, claim submission, inbound receipts processing, accounts receivable management and other management support functions. These all belong to the healthcare outsourcing services we offer.

  • Back Office Services

    Infinit-O supports a wide variety of back office services. We provide manage highly complex, information intensive processes such as medical billing as well simple tasks like data entry. We excel at managing unique, complex or proprietary processes.

  • Contact Center Services

    Our customer service specialists are chosen for their excellent English skills and their intense focus on customer satisfaction. We provide service level support across all mediums including voice, email or live web chat. If you wish to discuss further of the contact center support services we offer, feel free to call us.

  • Information Technology

    Infinit-O's highly skilled technical department can support all of your Information Technology needs. We provide Website and Application Development (across multiple languages including: Java, Php, HTML, .Net, .ASP, C#, C++ SQL, SharePoint and more), QA and Testing (manual and automated). There are more feats from the variety of IT outsourcing services that we offer.

  • Finance and Accounting Services

    Our team of accountants, financial analysts, and Certified Public Accountants can handle nearly any task associated with finance and accounting. Our services range from basic accounting and bookkeeping; to accounts payable and accounts receivable; to taxes, financial analysis and brokerage.

  • Research Services

    Infinit-O boasts of a highly skilled and experienced research team dedicated to search and produce highly valuable data for its client's needs. Our research team has extensive knowledge and expertise in the gathering and retrieval of valuable data that our clients are searching for.


Infinit-O Global Limited
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