Envirotec Monitors Inc. in Philippines

ENVIROTEC Monitors Inc. is into the marketing and sales of the Frequency Modulated Waveform/Scalewatcher (FMW/SW), an Electronic Non-Chemical Descaling Technology.

  • Frequency Modulated Waveform/Scalewatcher™ (FMW/SW)

    The Frequency Modulated Waveform/Scalewatcher™ (FMW/SW) is a non-chemical water-treatment technology for the effective preventionand removal of scales (including silica), corrosion (rust is converted into magnetite), slime and sludge, even algae growth.

    Direct benefits include reduced water consumption and disposal costs, avoided chemical costs, reduced maintenance and increased efficiency of your process equipments facilitating savings on energy. Indirect benefits are enhanced safety and unlike chemicals the FMW/SW does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions nor pollute our groundwaters, waterways, and bodies of waters, hence in its own little way it helps promote a more sustainable environment.

    The FMW/SW technology has more than 500,000 successful installations in 52 countries. Relatively new in the Philippines, local installations are: a power company which because of enhanced generator air cooler efficiency has increased its generating capacity from 30 to 35 MW,incurring an increase in revenue of Php10M a month; A commissary of a fastfood company which purchased 1 unit of FMW/SW in March 2009 and obviously satisfied with its performance acquired 2 more units 2 months later. At a shopping mall despite use of water treatment chemicals, a chiller had to undergo descaling every 3 weeks when condenser approach temperature reached 8°F-9°F, thereby emitting adverse noise and vibration; temperature has since gone down considerably and has stabilized to 3.8°F - 4 barely 4 months after FMW/SW installation.

    • Frequency Modulated Waveform/Scalewatcher™ (FMW/SW)


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frequency modulated waveform/scalewatcher™ (fmw/sw)