Dr. Andrew Snell Anesthetist in Wadestown, Wellington

Dr. Andrew Snell is an anesthetist. He graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from Otago University, New Zealand, in 1998. He has worked and been registered in variousjurisdictions.
  • Local Anaesthesia

    Local Anaesthesia is administered to affect just a small patch of the body. It obstructs the movement of nerve impulses and thus prevents the nerves from carrying pain signals to your brain withoutaffecting the consciousness and sensitivity of other areas of the body.
  • General Anesthesia

    General anaesthesia is a method of treatment where in certain medications or anaesthetics are used to put a patient into a deep sleep or get him into a state of unconsciousness to ensure that the hedoes not feel pain during surgery. Dr. Andrew Snell is an anaesthesia specialist.


Dr. Andrew Snell Anesthetist
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