Get it On! in New Zealand

"Get it On" is a website set up by The NZAF to assist in the promotion of HIV and AIDS prevention. The New Zealand AIDS Foundation (NZAF) is a non-for-profit Government organisation responsible for the prevention of HIV and the AIDS epidemic within New Zealand.

Get it On provides information about having protected and safe gay bareback sex. At their website, they provide videos on how to have safe anal sex and how to put on condom. They also provide latest news, pictures and events to promote safe sex in the gay community, prevention from HIV and AIDS.

  • Information on STDs & STI Symptoms

    At Get It On you can find information on STDs & STI symptoms so that you can recognise them early and get tested. At their website, you can learn about safe gay sex and can also subscribe for free condoms and lube.


Get it On!
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