Spaceworks - Office and Retail Fitout Specialists in Auckland

Spaceworks Design Group is a dedicated team of designers who deliver design work for offices, retail and hospitality spaces throughout New Zealand and Australia. Spaceworks specializes in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing interiors focused on balance. Its team of professionals understand the importance of a well-designed space to encourage happy and productive work and play environments. It offers design advice and helpful tools and guides to accompany their helpful services.

Spaceworks knows how to work with a variety of different spaces and is renowned for its fresh and creative flair. Spacework's professionals are skilled in understanding their clients businesses and approaches when working with their spaces. When working with any space Spacework focuses on layout and location of space and furniture, the concept design of the area, the furniture selection, lighting, colours, utility and more.

Spaceworks services can be tailored to fit different client needs and always starts projects with understanding the brand, products, services and target market before embarking on a design plan. Innovation and creativity are driving forces at Spaceworks and its professionals have a variety of creative skills and a passion for design which ensures customers will receive a compelling space fitting their brand with uncompromised design.


Spaceworks - Office and Retail Fitout Specialists
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