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JM Solutions Global Concepts Limited is a registered Company in Nigeria that is into the exportation of agricultural products and solid minerals to Europe,Asia,India and America Exportation is gradually becoming popular in Nigeria because The Federal Government is trying to make Nigeria an exporting Country instead of an importing Nation. The joy about it is that you can go into it full-time or part-time. There are different agricultural products that can be exported from Nigeria and they include Charcoal,Sesame seeds,Raw Cashew nuts,saw dust,palm oil,Mica,Ginger,Garlic and many more.Most of these commodities are needed in high demands abroad and they prefer to do business with Nigeria Exporters because of the quality of our products here. For example Ginger and Garlic are bought mostly by Indians,Charcoal Germany,Russia,Turkey etc It is also a very lucrative business because from a container of Charcoal alone you can make a profit of between #150K-#200k. Now this is where we come in,we offer quality training on exporting which covers how to be an exporter,how to source for products,how to get foreign buyers for your products and so on.We do one one training,Group training and so on.We make sure you will get value for your money because after our training you can start the business so you don't need to get any more training.After the training we keep in touch with our trainees to guide them in practicalising what they have learnt.For further details you can reach us via 07033007029,08161753952

  • Exporting made Easy and Simpler

    JM Solutions Global Concepts Limited is a registered Company in Nigeria into the exportation of Agricultural products and Solid Minerals to Europe,Asia and America.We decided to bring our wealth of experience to train and encourage would be exporters on the basics of exportation.Many Nigerians are unaware of the Oppportunities in this Sector despite Federal Government effort in encouraging Nigerians to export rather than import.The business is very Lucrative because in exporting a Container of Charcoal you can make between #150,000-#200,000 and even more depending on some factors and you can export a 40 Ft Container of Charcoal with just #650,000.We decided to go into consultations and training because we realise that most trainings on exportation dont give the trainees the capacity to stand on there own,so after our training you are fully equipped with the right information to be a sucessful exporter.

    For further details reach us on 07033007029

    • Exporting made Easy and Simpler


JM Solutions Global Concepts Limited

exporting made easy and simpler