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Welcome to We are here to keep you company in your journey to parenthood and beyond. Parenting is an exciting, but challenging time. Once you find out that you are going to beparents, your life will never be the same again. But never fear; we are here to support you and provide you with up to date information on all topics related to parenting, may it be family planing,conception, pregnancy, labour and delivery, baby, toddlers, teenagers, finance or lifestyle. We know that there is no shortage of information on pregnancy and birth in the internet. However, none isexclusively dedicated to African parents, both mothers and fathers, who face different challenges, live a different lifestyle and have different priorities, from those living in the West. So, we arehere to rectify that. This website serves as a resource site for you on everything. Here, you will find down-to-earth expert advice on parenting issues, all tailored to your experiences, resourcesand needs. We hope that by providing you with information and support, we can help you have a safe pregnancy, healthy baby and overall happy family. We would like to hear from you. So, please contactus and share your parenting experiences, or ask our experts questions that are burning in your mind. Additionally, we have an active Forum and Facebook page where parents' exchange views andinformation. To join the conversation, head towards our Facebook Page and like us.
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    Naija Parents exclusively dedicated to African parents, who face different challenges, live a different lifestyle and have different priorities. So, their blogs on parenting help you to rectify that.


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