MayorBEE-Global Ventures in Agege

MayorBEE-Global Ventures is a multi department firm set up to provide quality and reliable services all times presents a wide range of Computer/IT Solutions; packaging products and solutions which have varied applications. Under the leadership of its principal promoters, the organization is poised to grow in leaps and bounds.

  • Shrink Labels

    Shrink Labels And Sleeves:This is suitable for all kind of packaging, particularly for bottle water; juice; liquid soap; motor lubrications; edible oil; cosmetics; and liquors.

    we printing and supply various companies with shrink labels for bottle water, liquid soap etc

  • Packaging Materials/solutions

    Hologram: This is the most popular and best way to anti-counterfeit; and brand protection, which protects your regular customers from other duplicated products.

    Aseptic/Gable Packs; Pouches for juice, beverages, soap etc Self Adhesive Labels: used as price tags/label by: schools; retail outlets; courier company; Manufacturing industries; Pharmaceutical company; warehouses and for other labeling use. Supply of Pet Bottles, Blow Mould {and designing of bottles} and Caps (plain, and customized): for water juice, liquid soap, cosmetics and lubrications. Others: Inkjet printer, adhesive tapes (plain and printed), packaging machines, packaging materials, and barcode solutions etc


MayorBEE-Global Ventures
coding machines, shrink labels, holograms, barcodes, paper/nylon printing