The nomad office in Malaysia

The Nomad Offices is a specialist in the provision of modern, innovative and technologically enhanced office space, virtual offices, business lounge and associated support services. Our facilitiesand services include ready-to-use offices, dedicated high-speed broadband wireless internet access, video-conferencing on-demand, personalized secretarial services, ergonomic furniture andcutting-edge printing and communications equipment with the latest IP-capable PBX-Communications technology and Wireless system. Our solutions cater to businesses of all sizes and stages, and arecustomizable to suit your specific needs.
  • Serviced offices

    Serviced Office

    - Individually fitted and furnished office suites within a managed business centre facility. We offer ready-to-use office from 1 workstation to 10 workstations, provide businesses with 5Cs - Choice, Customization, Control, Convenience and Cost, enable you a more flexible, productive and effective workspace.

    Virtual Office

    - If you prefer to work from home or in constant move of traveling schedules. The Nomad provides you an immediate solution ensuring you are still in business with corporate image and prestigious address.

    Business Lounge

    - The first concept Buisness Lounge. A refreshing, delightful and professional "coffee workspace" equipped with comfy sofas, wireless internet access, unlimited gourmet coffee, tea and snacks and satellite ASTRO TV. It is a place to make life hassle free and delightful for today‟s modern- day global nomads and corporate warriors.

    Meeting, Conference and Training Venue

    - The Nomad offers for rent on meeting rooms, conference rooms and multi-purpose hall for training facility. Designed with a range of technology support, the meeting facilities are equipped with tele-conferencing, video conferencing, LCD equipment and AV System.


    • Serviced offices
    • Serviced offices


The nomad office
serviced office