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GAFM Online in Kuala Lumpur MY

Qualified professionals now have an alternative and more affordable way to achieve certifications online related to business management thanks to GAFM Online, the simplest and fastest to earn yourdesired certifications.
the simplest and fastest way to earn professional certifications
  • Chartered Human Resources Project Manager (USD 675)

    The Global Academy of Finance and Management International Board of Standards (IBS) issues the CHRPM® Chartered HR Project Manager to qualified individual who have met our requirements of: education,training, experience, industry knowledge, ethics, and continuing education. Developing strong project management skills goes hand in hand with several other fundamental HR competencies you mustpossess in order to support your organization goals. When you know how to manage projects successfully, you will be a valuable resource to the enterprise while at the same time you will reap thefollowing benefits: You will be recognized as a strategic contributor to the organization Enhance personal credibility and knowledge in the skills of project management Gain experience in managingcross functional team and establishing relationships with a wide range of people i.e consultants, vendors. Chartered HR Project Manager certification program will be awarded to qualified individualwho has attended the full course and pass the examination.
    • Chartered Human Resources Project Manager
    • Chartered Human Resources Project Manager
  • Accredited AGILE Project Manager (USD 675)

    AAPM® Accredited Agile Project Manager certification program has been designed to award deserving individual with Agile software project management experience based upon SCRUM tools and processes.Agile SCRUM project management is a methodology for managing software delivery that comes under the broader umbrella of agile project management. It provides a lightweight process framework thatembraces iterative and incremental practices, helping organizations deliver working software more frequently. Projects progress via a series of iterations called Sprints; at the end of each Sprintthe team produces a potential deliverable. Take this course to learn more, you will be automatically enroll into the AAPM® Examination. This course discusses the various phases in the Agile softwaredevelopment life cycle, the Agile SCRUM methodology, details of the processes associated with SCRUM Body of Knowledge SBOK® are included in this course.
    • Accredited AGILE Project Manager


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