Montelibano s.a.l in Nahr El Mot

MONTELIBANO s.a.l., is one of the leading companies having its unique and creative concepts in the field of Real Estate Management.

  • Real Estate

    MONTELIBANO s.a.l. is dedicated to delivering superior real estate services in Lebanon, while ensuring the optimum satisfaction of its clients. Our team of experts will be pleased to serve you in any of the following fields:

    Buy, Sell and Rent: What we do best is match your demand whatever your budget with our supply of the finest properties of the Lebanese market. Property management: We manage complexes, private properties, tourist resorts and buildings. General contracting: We execute construction and engineering projects. Property Marketing: We market apartments, buildings, real estate projects, residential complexes, lands and villas. Legal registration: We register sales and purchases of properties with the official departments. We also finalize partition, allotment, joining, delimitation, building permits, settlements, cadastral data, maps and other real estate formalities. Feasibility studies: Before executing an investment, we study and analyze its current and projected costs, as well as the factors influencing the investment, in order to determine its feasibility and rate of return. Engineering studies: We conduct engineering-related studies and provide relevant advice and consultancies. Bank Facilities: We affiliate with different banks to provide different types of loans for our clients (example: under construction loans). Our achievements will undoubtedly multiply through the fervent support from our valued clients and partners


Montelibano s.a.l
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