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Markwryght Safaris & Travels specializes in facilitating individual and group travel guaranteed to help visitors discover the beauty of Kenya and Africa as a whole.Discover the beautiful scenery and of course the captivating and rich culture of its various communities. Our staff consists of very experienced specialists in the various aspects of planning and facilitating travel, and our programs are flexible and customer-oriented.We plan your itinerary, book for all types of accommodation, plan excursions,travels,airport transfers and car hire services. We strive to make real your dream holiday.

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    We have several travel packages within Kenya in three categories:

    • 1.Safaris starting in Nairobi to the Kenyan coastal towns like Mombasa,Malindi,Lamu and Watamu.
    • 2. Safaris starting from Mombasa ending in Nairobi.
    • 3. Excursions and day trips.

    Whether you want Tours to Amboseli,Tours to Maasai Mara,Tours to Lake Nakuru and even trips to mombasa to escape the cold winter, talk to us.


Markwryght Safaris

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