Profilsystem S.r.l. in Asola

Profilsystem produces special steel profiles based and designed on the customers' projects and shape and also particular applications like perforations and marking.

The PROFILSYSTEM profiles are used in a growing number of market sectors: Supports for photovoltaic panels, reinforcements for PVC doors, industrial shelving, Light Prefabricated cells, industrial doors, garage doors, cabinets, metal fences, supports for air conditioners, window closures, industrial grating edges etc. ...

Iron profiles for all your needs

  • PVC Windows

    Special profiles made of galvanized steel that are the supports of the windows in the rooms to ensure the flow.

    We have gone over the years, the use of simple shapes adopted the requirement, the current evolution with the use of more sophisticated and complex shapes, such as to ensure maximum compliance and inclusion in respect of the static flow calculations. Profilsystem achieve these requirements, thanks to the experience gained in the field, using equipment with high precision and advanced control systems.

    Most popular systems in the industry:

    Alphacan - Salamander - Veka - Koemmerling


Profilsystem S.r.l.
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