Prashant Galvanizers in Vadodara

Prashant Galvanizer, supplier & consultant of Hot Dip Galvanizing plants in India. We supply Online Flux Filter System that eliminates production downtime. It eliminates or redcues iron contentto a minimun in the flux solution which reduces Dross formation in Zinc bath.
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  • Cable Trays

    Cable Trays are especially suited for laying out of the electrical as well as instrumentation power cable for the power connection on various stage in the plant. Advantage of Cable Trays : Savings insupporting steel work. Savings in Labour Cost. Easier to assemble. Cable fault can be easily traceable. No Cropping.


Prashant Galvanizers
galvanizer, galvanizers, hot dip galvanizing, hot dip galvanizer, earthing strip, cable trays