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Nivida Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - based in Baroda, offers one stop solutions for web designing, development, e-commerce and search engine optimization services in India. Contact us for web solutionsnow!
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    There are a lot of things can be done to promote your website through "internet marketing" but SEO is one of the most effective things to get long-term results. SEO is a process to increase yourwebsite traffic or visitors and get ahead of the search engine listing from your competitors. We optimize your website in such a way that the search engines will reward you by sending traffic to yourwebsite. The success behind online products or services depends on accessibility of website through different search engines. A 70% of traffic to your website is generated by search engines. To getsuccess in online business, a planned and well executed internet marketing approach is a must. Basically, SEO is among the main tools in internet marketing that you can take an advantage of in orderto enhance your website's SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankingon the respective search engines. Basically, SERP is the list of pages containing results you will obtain whenever you enter anykeyword or phrase to search for a specific thing. The search results on the first page is called Page 1 ranking and the next Page 2 ranking and so on. The higher the page ranking, the higher thechances to grow your business through your website.
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)

    Social Media Optimization is a new way to promote your business through social media and different online communities. If done in correct way this Social Media Marketing techniques can generate a lotof traffic to your sites which eventually will raise your leads and sales. Nivida provides you Social Media Optimization Services which understandthe nature of your business and figures out how thesetechniques will give a power boost to your business. To know about the target market according to the nature of business, one has to do a lot of research of your business in terms of social media.Nivida is a social media marketing company with a wide experience providing a full fledge SMO services to the clients across the globe. We understand the need of your business, ins and outs of yourbusiness requirements. Our techniques will help you to establish the presence of your site on major social media networks. Our campaigns are designed to achieve all the needs and objectives of acompany. With our SMO services India, we can handle our very market in respect to the site. With a proper work done by SMM managers you can achieve your goal in only a matter of time.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

    Pay per click management is a search engine marketing process that needs you to pay on every click your website ad gets in the search engine listings that you have placed. In pay per click campaignmanagement, you pay only when someone clicks your ad which is the main advantage of these services. Thus, you pay for what you get. The process of setting up a Pay per click management account insearch engines is simple. You bid on certain relevant keywords in your niche market, and reserve a spot in the first page of search engine listings on the base of your bid. The higher your bid, thehigher you get positioned in the search engine listings. But it is not simple as it seems here. There is a great competition for every spot in such PPC campaigns. Thus, you need to have an effectivepay per click campaign management strategy in place to get more out of it. For a successful PPC campaign to work out, you must have an experienced PPC management company hired to manage your PPCneeds. Such company would take care of creating a quality ad copy, redesigning the landing page and choosing right relevant and conversion based keywords. Nivida could be that Pay Per Clickmanagement company based in India that would reap your fruitful benefits in a cost effective way. Our team of PPC experts help you manage the entire process with our proven and tested methodologyfrom the vast experience we have in this field. We guide you through selecting relevant conversion based initial set of keywords to kick start the PPC campaign. During the process we also startresearching for other keywords according to your target audience which may reap more benefits in future.
  • Corporate Identity

    Corporate identity images are the form of a first message you send to your clients and it is important to catch them from the first sight. Nivida Web is ready to reflect your uniqueness,professionalism and fame with the help specially designed business cards, logos, brochures, etc. We work hand by hand with you taking into account all the details and requirements of yours. Besides,we use our broad experience, professionalism and knowledge to make you surprised seeing the result of your ideas and our efforts. So, you may be sure that you are different from other companies andyou will be the first to attract potential clients to your business and products. Our corporate identity services include the wide range of services: Custom logo design and redesign Development ofSlogan Stationary Designs and Taglines
  • Android Application Development

    Nivida Web Solution, Vadodara, Gujarat based Software development Company provides top quality Android Application Development services. Our plan is to handle the quickly developing needs of androidapp development. We are a professional mobile app development company India provides services and solutions for the mainly beloved communicative units of today's age, the Android. Functioningcautiously with customers, Nivida has perfected the art of designing wonderful user connects and creating effective and feature-rich Android operating systems. With our skilled team of mobile appdevelopers we are now top mobile application development solution provider for different sorts of applications and different mobile OS. We offer custom application and gaming solutions for mobileoperating system (os) like Google Android OS, Apple iOS, Symbian OS, Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile and RIM's Blackberry OS. Our mobile app developers are skilled because we are in cellular databaseintegration industry ever since many years and so we have skilled of building up apps for older mobiles and new creation mobile phones. We have latest technologies, development tools, softwaredevelopment kits (SDKs), testing device and required substructure so we can offer you unrivaled development service for your requirements. As an established IT outsourcing firm, we are the bestAndroid app maker to offer any type of Android based solution to each of our customers. From setting up to operation, we are accountable for the all-round progress of your project.
  • Word Press Development

    WordPress has been a big hit as a leading blogging platform but with more development and changes in its theme framework, it has emerged as a successful tool for website development. WordPress isbasically a software program that allows the user to create easy-to-navigate and search engine friendly websites. By using WordPress, one can easily customize its website by choosing the best layoutwhich perfectly suit with your business theme and concept. Nivida Web boasts about its expertise in the domain of WordPress which is strictly supported by industry's top experts. By making the use ofPHP and MySQL, WordPress has become one of the most user friendly, interactive and reliable website development platforms. These days, WordPress happens to be the most required CMS. Even if you donot have adequate knowledge of HTML, then also you can edit or modify the site if it is developed in WordPress.
  • Core PHP Development

    Being a scripting language Core PHP is used widely in the web industry on various web applications online. The main idea behind Core PHP is to produce such an online web application that is easier tomanage from both front end (user-end) and back end (admin-end) hence making the whole process easier and time savvy. Besides that a dynamic website developed using Core PHP development would play asignificant role in increasing the web traffic as well as the sale figure of that business.Core PHP development comes out as the best solution for businesses looking for complete dynamic webarchitecture with multi-tier design and advance functionality within the web application. It's easier to create regular HTML pages as well as multi-layered web applicationsystem using the combinationof PHP and MySQL. Joomla Development is one of the example for Core PHP Development services. The main concept of Core PHP development is to create static HTML website dynamically that helps buildthe proper functionality in the web application to manage the overall website easily saving lot of time and money. Core PHP development is free and requires no license to use the scripting languagethus it is widely used for the web application development and is always the first choice for any web application projects. Right now it's a wise option to develop dynamic web pages using Core PHPand MySQL as such a development would be time savvy, easier to manage and above all if used well could be 100% SEO-friendly.
  • IPhone Application Developmet

    Nivida is an iphone application development company primarily based in Vadodara, Gujarat, India who provides iPhone App development and other Mobile Apps development services at reasonable prices.Our highly experienced team of iPhone Developers is using Mac techniques, iPhone system 4/4S/iPad, Xcode 4.2, iOS 5 and Simulation for quality and unbelievable app development. We are an establishedmobile software application development company providing choices and solutions for the foremost celebrated devices of modern present age, the iPhone and the iPad. Operating cautiously with clients,Nivida has enhanced the art of developing stunning personal relations and developing impressive and feature-rich iPhone apps. iPhone app development has made online promotion useful. Only one fingerand you can access an incredible number of apps in market. The charisma of the iPhone is rock climbing new levels just because of the functions. These functions are being enhanced by add onapplications available on the on online App Store. This store eases third party services to build up applications as per the artistic suggestions of their customers to turn them into a live iPhoneapp in market. Our innovative iPhone software development team of iphone app builders and developers holds profound understanding regarding every facet of technology; practicality and businessbecause it exist sound individuals with various skills. We offer outsource iPhone app development services to our overseas clients at reasonable prices. You can additionally select to hire our iPhonedesigner who will precisely work on your projects. Our quality focused work procedures make sure you get the best return on your investment in iPhone app development.
  • Logo Design

    Logo Designs Services offered by Nivida Web Solution Our logo design services are affordable yet reliable, top quality and result-oriented. Our professional team of graphic designers and marketingexperts aids you to bring your brand to life in print. Our professional graphic designers directly communicate with you for your suggestions or feedback and work together with you as a team. We offerunbelievable value with our single point professional design talent and deliver an innovative and excellent quality end product. We use the highly artistic, inspiring and efficient ideas to draw theattention of viewers. Our logo design look professional, appealing as well as engaging and offers a clear call to action. We promise our esteemed clients world-class customer support together with aneasy project management


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