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We are one of the most leading manufacturers and exporters of finest quality wood preservative under the well known brand Termisolve. And Anti Termite chemical under the brand Termisolve B-Bpro. We manufacture cement admixture and waterproofing compounds,masonary water repellent which is water and solvent base. and complete range of wood coatings and rust and paint removers also.

Our products carry excellent quality and image. We have ultra modern manufacturing facilities backed by continuous research and development efforts.

  • Termisolve wood preservative

    Termisolve is one of the best wood preservative for any type of wood /wood products or engineered wood. It is ideal for any species of wood and any type of application as interior or exterior.Termisolve is available in many formulations as par the specifications.Termisolve protects wood from termites, wood borers, fungi,midew and other wood destroying insects and environmental factors.Termisolve greatly increases structural strength of wood and increases its life span.Termisolve is approved by many panel manufacturing units, builders, architects industries and is available in different packings..Termisolve is safe to human lives, cattles, and birdes and is eco friendly.
  • construction chemicals

    Mr. Expert is unique cement admixture (Integral liquid waterproofing compound) which is lignin base for overcoming construction industry problems.It is good plasticizing agent having excellent waterproofing properties.sulphate and chloride contents are very low.,providing high workability and flowability.Finest quality is assured. Dosage is less as 100 ml per 50 kg cement.Mr. Expert is available in various packingsWe offer single pack acrylic modified waterproofing membrance.It is used for waterproofing for new and old constructions.we manufacture all types of plasticizers also.
  • Anti Termite chemicals

    Termisolve B PRO is unique and effective anti termite chemical.Termisolve B PRO is applied as a treatment to the surroundings of existing buildings to prevent and correct termite problems.Termisolve B PRO is ideal forpre and post constructed buildingsAnti termite treatment of structuresAnti termite treatment for timber structures and wood.Termisolve B PRO is ideal barrier between termites and the building.Termisolve B PRO can be used by following ways.Treatment at the foundation level.Treatment to top surface at plinth level.Treatment of soil at wall and floor junction.


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