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TPMC is a Human Capital experts specialized in Organization Effectiveness Solutions, Leadership Effectiveness Solutions, and Learning & Development Solutions.

TPMC is at the forefront of understanding the power and use of human capital for achieving purposeful action and uses its expertise to consult and collaborate with clients and enable them to effectively use human capital in purposeful and meaningful ways to achieve their business objectives.

Why choose TPMC:

Problem Identification: TPMC identifies and establish problems in client organization through objective and fact based means, does not assume problems in client organization.

Methodologies and Tools: TPMC gives equal importance to how an assignment is carried out as much as what results it produces. TPMC employs relevant methodologies and tools to analyze problems in client organizations that give way to subsequent thoughtful action.

Innovative and Result-Oriented Solutions: TPMC works with clients to deal with the challenges facing clients and find result focused solutions that are innovative and implementable.

Collaborative Relationships: TPMC believes and walks the extra mile to practice its believes of collaborative relationships. TPMC maintains its relationship with clients through delivering results promised and fostering committed and cooperative relationship with its clients.

  • Leadership Effectiveness, Leadership Development

    We Collaborate with Clients to Enhance Effectiveness of Leading Self and Leading People in organizations

    TPMC works with clients in three different levels.

    • Custom Designed Interventions: Leadership development interventions designed specifically as per client organization specification.

    • Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness: TPMC uses comprehensive metrics to assess leadership effectiveness as well as design interventions to enhance effectiveness at all levels of the client organization.

    • 5 Unique leadership development Modules: Balance of content and Experiential learning that shape and enhances important leadership competencies as well as connect learning to organizational context.

      More Details: http://www.tpmc.in/leadership.html

    • Leadership Effectiveness, Leadership Development
  • Organization Effectiveness, Organization Development

    Focus of TPMC Organization Solutions:

    • People: Develop right strategies and formulate appropriate approaches to identify and bring the right people on board, motivate and engage people for active contribution, develop talent and enable people to be ready to reach next level, harness and harvest individual's strengths for collective excellence, and appreciately reward performance.

    • Culture: Create work environment in client organization that motivate people to actively participate in organizational affairs, build Pro-performance work culture, live & breath vision, mission, values of client organization, and reinforce constructive and effective behaviors and habits in client organization.

    • Organization: Organize the client organizations in such way that result in improved performance and achieve congruence among structure, process, systems, people, and culture. Design or redesign organization in such way that removes layers in client organization where it makes sense and congruence among Business strategy, HR practice, Management Practice, and Leadership Strategy.

    • Systems and Process: Ensure effective and efficient use of resources, balance all subsystems, coordinate and integrate priorities of programs, processes, and tasks to ensure right methodologies, process, tools, and skills are in place to ensure effectiveness of client organization.

      More Details: http://www.tpmc.in/organization.html

    • Organization Effectiveness, Organization Development


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