Maja Health Care Division (A Unit of VI-JOHN Group) in New Delhi

VI-JOHN GROUP has emerged today as manufactures of the best internationally known products of Personal Care, Skin Care and Cosmetics. Our best-known products are Shaving Cream, Toothpaste, AfterShave Lotion, Hair Removing Cream, ST JOHN range of Perfumes and various other Cosmetic and Herbal Products.
  • Shaving Cream

    Regular shaving with VIJOHN shaving cream leaves your skin more healthy and soft. Its richer long-lasting lather holds up throughout your shave. It is suitable for all types of skin.
  • Hair Remover Cream

    Achieving a clear, hairless and softly nourished skin is now a quick, easy and pocket-friendly process. In under 3 minutes, VI-John Feather Touch Hair Removal Cream, guarantees you all of that,without causing you any discomfort. Sandalwood extract brightens your skin, with a balanced skin tone, while Aloe Vera's remedial nature ensures a reduced and softer regrowth.


Maja Health Care Division (A Unit of VI-JOHN Group)
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