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  • Medical Tourism Facilitation Services

    Health Assistance India is an online Medical Travel platform created by Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of medical travel and medical tourism services and programmes to people from all over the world who are seeking medical treatment in India. Health Assistance India will help people from different countries to get connected to some of the top doctors and best hospitals in India. Further it will help them to get free medical opinion and cost estimates. Health Assistance India will also provide information on medical travel, health issues, health tips, prevention and also some interesting news about healthcare.

    Formed in 2009 as a Medical Tourism Company, Mentors Ethicare Pvt. Ltd., helps to fill the information gap on health services available in India. Back then, the only information available on Health Services was through friends and family. Thus only a small percentage of the people had access to this information. Now when 'Mentors Ethicare Team' reflects on the past years, it sees hundreds of its patients making right decisions. This would not have been possible without the right guidance. With Health Assistance India, now this information and guidance is available online. Thus it will help us to reach and help more people easily and quickly.

    If you or a loved one has a health problem that is causing lot of concern about the cost and quality of available care then Health Assistance India suggests you consider the excellent, high-quality treatment options available to you in India at a fraction of the cost in U.S., UK, Germany or Thailand hospitals.

    Our Case Managers and network of providers are ready to work with you to evaluate your needs and provide the necessary guidance that will help you take advantage of the exceptional care options available to you at one of our partner super-specialty hospitals in India. At Health Assistance India, we strive to make each patient's experience nothing short of an outstanding success.


Health Assistance India
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