Crusaders Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. in New Delhi

Crusaders Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. started in the year 1991, is a trading organization bringing to the INDIAN CONSUMER various new and innovative technologies in the Healthcare sector, Security and surveillance sector, Official and Educational presentation technology. The company has offices in Delhi, Pune and Ambala and distribution channel partners in various other cities of the country, which are constantly increasing.

The most popular selling items under the umbrella of Crusaders are Ionic Air Purifiers, Digital Notepads, and Mobile Jammers, and other unique conceptual products. A constant R&D and a desire to have state of the art technologies helps us to keep pace with the changes and the trends of the market.

  • Air Purifier (30000.000000000000000000000000000000)

    Air Purifier utilizes a super-sized plasma dust collector and HEPA filter in addition to its capability to produce a rich amount of negative ions and activated oxygen. By using 7 layer filters, the unit can powerfully remove dust, odors and smokes lingering in the air, and effectively improve the air condition in the surrounding. It can filter particulates as small as 0.1 micron at an effective rate of 99.97%. The unit incorporates smoke and dust sensor that can automatically monitor indoor air condition. When allergens are detected, the unit responds to with a suitable purifying mode (Iow mode or medium mode) according to the amount of pollution. As more air is purified, the sensor switches the unit back to Iow or silent mode accordingly.

    • Air Purifier


Crusaders Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
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