Laxmi Iron & Steel Industries in Nagpur

Laxmi Iron and Steel Industries is one of the largest producer of graded casting as per drawing or pattern supplied by customer.
  • Cast Iron Ratchet

    Cast Iron Ratchet is one the most widely known product manufactured using the latest machinery and moulds available in the market today.We are manufacturer,exporter and trader of cast Iron Ratchet.
  • CI Ginning Machinery Parts

    CI ginning machines are the fastest way to split fibers from seeds. Fibers are inflammable. Ginning machine, if not made of a tensile and non-combustible content, will not provide any help. Hence,cast iron is used. CI ginning machines are made by the process of casting. Casting is a manufacturing procedure by which a liquid content is usually added into a mold, which contains a hollow cavityof the preferred shape and then allowed to solidify. The solidified portion is also known as a casting, which is ejected or broken out of the mold to finish the procedure. Casting elements areusually materials or various cool establishing elements that treat after combining two or more elements together. Our company is famous in the market for the production of high quality of CI ginningmachineries and we offer our customers an extensive variety of products which is available to the customers at very affordable prices in the market. These products are corrosion proof and they arerust resistant. Hence they are very effective and useful to the customers. These products are commonly used in the sectors for an extensive variety of reasons and hence they are high on need.
  • CI Tractor Casting Parts

    In CI Tractor Casting, the cast iron is strengthened for induction or fire and consequently slaked for oil, including a marten site structure. When attuned, this structure, sources machine abilitywith great durability and efficient level of ability to resist wear and tear. This distinctiveness of cast iron is applied in large machinery manufacture. We supply a variety of tractor casting madeof cast iron castings. These tractor castings are produced using high quality metal and can be used scale without any wear and tear. We design these items as per the specific requirements of ourclients. The items provided by us are designed following the technical requirements and are provided at affordable price to our clients. These are best known for high performance and low servicingfeatures. Casting is a mass production process which involves molten materials (such as metals, plastics or resins) being poured into a mold, allowed to solidify and then used. Casting is a methodused to manufacture either a certain part or a whole single unit. Casting is a process that is used to manufacture complex parts which proves to be too expensive or time-consuming to produce usingother methods.
  • CI Earthing Pipe

    Earth pipe joints, also known as earth tubes, earth cooling pipe or earth warming pipes, are ground-coupled exchangers of heat, by either capturing it from and/or dispelling it to the ground. Sinceonly blowers are needed to move the air, earth pipe make an extremely cost-effective alternative to conventional heating or air-conditioning techniques. Earth pipe joints are made of Cast Iron.Earthing pipes are used in wide range of applications such as transmission and distribution systems, Electricity Board ( Substations), Hi-Tech Earthing, for earthing applications in Food ProcessingIndustries , Water treatment plants, Oil refineries, Pumping Stations, Telecommunications and may other industries for dispelling electricity to the ground for safety purpose and reduce the risk ofdamage to electrical appliances. We produce a variety of earthing components that are commonly used in all electric systems. Produced using the high quality raw content, these earthing components areperfectly designed to ensure flawless performance and long service life. Our variety of earthing components is required in the global market and is in track with international standards. Available invarious requirements, these are also especially designed as per the requirements of the customers. Based upon the comprehensive research, carried out by our researcher, we have designed a variety ofEarthing Pipe that is used in power transmitting programs. These pipes are produced as per the specifications and demand of the customers within dedicated period of time. Our variety of Earthing Pipeguarantees the clients safe and higher earthing supply.
  • CI Pump & Oil Explorer

    In an internal combustion engine, an oil pump progresses engine oil under stress towards the spinning bearings, the moving cylinders, and the camshaft of the motor. This greases bearings, useshigher-capacity liquid bearings, and also facilitates motor cooling. Using cast iron is unavoidable in equipment of this kind, as oil have magnitude and hydrogen content, which make it substantiallyflammable and non-polar. Cast iron is iron or a ferrous metal which heated until it melts, and is then added into a mold to strengthen. It is usually made from pig iron. Casting is a productionprocedure by which a fluid content is usually poured into a mold, which contains a hollow cavity of the preferred form, and then permitted to solidify. The hard part is also known as a casting, whichis ejected or damaged out of the mold to complete the process at the end. Casting elements are usually metals or various cool setting elements that treat after combining two or more elementstogether; example are epoxy, concrete, plaster and clay. Casting is most often used to make complicated forms that would be otherwise challenging or uneconomical to make by other methods. Improvingthe advanced technology, we are producing a variety of CI Pump and Oil Explorer that fit the needs of various industries. Designed using the best quality raw material, these clamps are known fortheir durable development, tensile strength and durability. Further, our variety is available in various dimensions and requirements to match the needs of the customers.
  • CI Lift Weight

    Casting is a mass production process which involves molten materials (such as metals, plastics or resins) being poured into a mold, allowed to solidify and then used. Casting is a method used tomanufacture either a certain part or a whole single unit. Casting is a process that is used to manufacture complex parts which proves to be too expensive or time-consuming to produce using othermethods. A CI lift weight is manufactured by the Casting method. An elevator is equipment that is used to move people or weight between floors and other structures. The elevator used is a verticalmachine. The elevators are driven by eclectic motors that use traction cables or counterweight systems. These counter weight systems are manufactured by Laxmi Industries. A counterweight ismanufactured by the process of casting. A counterweight is carried by an elevator cable to balance the weight of an elevator cab. An elevator uses a counterweight to move passengers up and down. Itis the main part of an elevator which helps in its functionality. This weight is usually 40% of the max load. The weight exceeds in order to balance it without an error. Laxmi Iron and SteelIndustries are one of the well-known industries in manufacturing lift weights. We are well equipped and hence provide accurate and precise products. We also supply counterweight block for crane andforklifts as they are in high market demand.
  • CI Soil Pipe

    Soil pipe joints are drain pipes or waste pipes, which carry waste materials from plumbing furnishings or bathrooms, to where they are expected to be thrown out. Soil pipes are made of cast iron andare designed in ways that fulfill their objective. Available in various standard programs, our broad range of soil pipes are produced using quality metals. These are accurately designed and findprograms in conductor cords. Further, to match the different specifications of the customers, these pipes can also be designed in various other ways to meet their need. These are on high demandmainly in industrial areas as they are used as industrial effluents pipes, gas line pipes and sewage pipes to reduce pollution. They are also used as water pipes in many construction sites as well.Since long, our company has gained great appreciations in the industry for producing variety of soil pipes that are used. These are produced under tight quality tracking that guarantees qualitativevariety of these fittings. The pipes are manufactured through most common Process with a product matrix as tabulated below showing different Technical details for soil pipes.
  • Cast Iron brick holder

    Manufactured using unmatched quality standards.Cast Iron brick holder made by us is highly appreciated in the market.We are one of the most reliable manufacturer,exporter,supplier of cast iron brickholder.
  • Cast Iron Counter Weight

    The cast iron counter weight used for lifts is manufactured using various metal and alloys.The product is made with the help of highly skilled workforce.We manufacture,export and supply cast ironcounter weight.
  • Cast Iron Manhole cover

    One of the most used product all across the globe is cast iron manhole cover manufactured with uncompromised quality standards.We are one of the most renowed manufacturer,exporter,supplier,trader ofcast iron manhole cover.
  • Cast Iron Flywheel

    Appreciated for its strength,durability and long life the cast iron flywheel which we manufacture is one of the most popular product.We are manufacturer,trader and supplier of cast iron flywheel.
  • Cast Iron housing

    The cast iron housing is manufactured b high experience and uncompromised quality standards.We are manufacturer,supplier,exporter of cast iron housing cover.
  • Cast Iron Hub

    High level of quality standards and by using best machinery cast iron hub is manufactured in our unit.Cast Iron hub is highly appreciated for its unmatched strength,quality and durability.We aremanufacturer,exporter and supplier of cast iron hub.
  • Cast Iron Pig Mould

    Manufactured using high quality alloys cast iron pig mould is one of the most renowned .We are manufacturer exporter and supplier of cast Iron Pig Mould.
  • Cast Iron Pulley

    Laxmi Iron And Steel Industries is one of the eminent manufacturer of cast Iron Pulley.It is manufactured using premium metal and high experienced work force.
  • Cast Iron Slab

    The cast iron slab is highly appreciated for its unmatched strength,durability and quality.We are manufacture,trader and exporter of cast iron slab.
  • Cast Iron Collar

    Cast Iron Collar is manufactured using alloys,metals,and high quality standards.The cast iron Collar is one of the most emitent and high appreciated product in the market which is manufactured by us.We are manufacturer exporter and trader of cast Iron Collar.
  • CI Quality Casting

    Various raw materials are heated until it liquefies and then it is solidifies in a mould. When runny iron is shaped, or casted, on a mold, cast iron is formed, The characteristics of cast iron tosustain heat, deformation and wear renders it extremely useful in a wide range of engineering and industrial applications. Four components are used in the procedures of casting; such asdesign,mold,cores, and the part. The design, from which the mold is made, makes an empty space in the casting materials. Later the cores are used to obtain hollow space in casting materials. The partobtained is then fabicated fr any casting.


Laxmi Iron & Steel Industries
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