Cafe Nutrition in Mumbai

The main aim for Café Nutrition to be established was to bring back focus on the significance of right nutrition. We believe in abundance and not deprivation and that's our approach. We have anexpert sports nutritionist who leads the team of expert professionals equipped with expertise to bring good health into your life. Our expert counselling empowers you to take charge of your healthand encourages you to make good food and lifestyle choices. Besides providing personal consultations at our clinics in Andheri and Santacruz, Café Nutrition also offers an excellent medium to availour online nutrition services from the comfort of your house. Our unique consulting platform lets you receive personalized and one to one nutrition consulting without leaving your home. Ourspecialization includes children and sports nutrition services helping our clients achieve great performance using the correct nutrition.
Customized service
  • Sports Nutritionist

    Athletic performance pushes your body to the edge. Progress is accomplished by progressively stressing your body and allowing it to recover. If you do not receive adequate nutrition diet from a goodsports nutritionist, this recovery is not possible. As you continue to train, stress, fatigue and metabolic waste will accumulate in your body. If you are unsure if you are getting proper nutritionfor your training, our customised workshops will guide you with inputs on.
  • Nutrition for Children

    Eating healthy leads to strong bones, brain development, higher levels of concentration, increased energy and grades. Cafe Nutrition aims to help the next generation of children be armed with rightknowledge so that they can make informed & healthier choices without getting swayed by intense marketing propaganda all around. We believe that good nutrition for children is a start to shapethem into a healthy individual and so we work with the parents to inculcate such habits at an early age.
  • Weight Loss in Mumbai

    Our weight loss consultants in Mumbai have designed Diet Plans are based on individual metabolic rate which creates the foundation for healthy, rapid and lasting weight loss. Individual Diets basedon personal preferences will help in improved digestion, increasing energy levels and help to control appetite. Our aim is to ensure that weight loss goals are not only reached but can be maintainedover time. Our programs include daily, weekly and in many cases even monthly diet plans to take the pain away from planning!
  • Corporate Wellness Programs

    Our Corporate Wellness Programs help empower employees with the right knowledge to make informed and healthier food choices which have a direct bearing on their overall health and well being. CafeNutrition Wellness Workshops aim to create a healthier & happier workforce ready to take on the challenges of the modern working life.
  • Online Nutrition Services

    Our scientific and effective Nutrition Consulting Services are now available to Indians living in any part of India and indeed, any part of the world! Our nutrition consulting sessions are neitherautomated nor impersonal, driven by some software. Our online nutrition services enable you to schedule an appointment with us at convenient times. It is a simple concept whereby our Nutritionistswill personally hold consulting sessions with you over telephones / Skype / Video Conferences.


Cafe Nutrition
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