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Sasta Sundar is an online pharmacy which provides medicines, vitamins & food supplements, nutritious food products, beauty products, ayurvedic and herbal preparations and orthopedic &surgical kits at discounted rates. The products are delivered at footsteps.
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  • Healthbuddy Herbal Virgin Coconut Oil (215)

    Rich in protein, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Ideal massage oil for babies and also for skin and hair applications. Protects the skin from infections caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi, preventsdandruff and hair loss.
  • Healthbuddy Herbal Anti-dandruff Hair Oil

    Are you ashamed to go out due to hair problems? Is dandruff interfering in your daily happiness? Stressing over this will give you no solution. With the change in seasons, the comeback of dandruff istypically familiar with most of the men and women. Hair worries have become a commonplace issue in today's date.
    • Healthbuddy Herbal Anti-dandruff Hair Oil
  • Healthbuddy Herbal Ashwagandha Anti Stress Relief Capsules (65)

    Stress is a common term in everyday life in this century. Life is moving at a supersonic speed leaving people with a thousand many things on the mind but no time to look back. With families to takecare of and other heavy responsibilities, with bosses screaming their lungs out and personal life tearing apart, it becomes indispensable to stay fit and calm, both physically and mentally to battleout the relentless life and its torments.
    • Healthbuddy Herbal Ashwagandha Anti Stress Relief Capsules
  • Healthbuddy Herbal Memory Booster (52)

    Healthbuddy Herbal Memory Booster Capsules are made from pure natural extracts of Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Bach, etc. These herbs are directly associated to treat brain and nerve problems. Among theseherbs, Brahmi enhances your ability to focus and also helps boost you memory power.


Sasta Sundar
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