Mind & Matter Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd in Kolkata

Mind & Matter Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd is a renowned internet marketing agency in Kolkata which was started by Mr. Surojit Nath in 2004 when trend of digital marketing was at a very nascentphase in Eastern India. Today, the organization is one of the most trustworthy digital marketing company in West Bengal and it consists of a team of vibrant and smart minded digital marketers.
Result driven digital marketing services
  • Search engine optimization

    The SEO team consists of some website optimizers who are thoroughly versed with the fundamentals of flawless optimization and delves deep into the latest updates to gather the insights which furtherhelps them to sort out result driven working strategies which ensures high ranking within search results for relevant search trends in leading search engines.
  • Pay Per Click campaigns management

    Digital marketing team of the organization consists of some far sighted marketers who are very well versed with each and every vital metrics of PPC needed for success driven campaigns across leadingserach engines and social networks.
  • Social media marketing

    Social media marketers of the organization have profound knowledge in various social media monitoring tools which gives them insights of how and when to implement needful strategies to grabinnumerable eager eyeballs from niche communities across leading social medias.
  • Email marketing

    The internet marketing team consists of some email marketers who know who how to increase email subscribers of each websites and how to convert the subscribers to clients.
  • online reputation management

    Online reputation managers are responsible for sorting out best legitimate marketing strategies which ensures everlasting reputation of brands across the World Wide Web.


Mind & Matter Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd
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