Sseglobal in Kharagpur

SSE Global is a platform for technology training providers from the industry and the industry audience to go for corporate training programs on different kinds of technologies like embedded systems, WEB 2.0, information security, Society of Social Entrepreneurs, Science & Technology Entrepreneurs etc.

  • Social Entrepreneurs in India

    Information technology touches every aspect of life irrespective of the national and physical boundaries. More and more business, industries, economics, hospitals and governments are becoming dependent on computers for their efficient functioning. In the coming years a large percentage of jobs will rely solely upon high quality information handling skills. The challenge is to sharpen our skills and master new technologies as they evolve, which presents a great opportunity for students, to become part of the technological revolution. Our concept aims to use computer education to build a computer literate India by creating Smart Students, Smart Teachers and a Smart Society in the rural and urban areas of the country.


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