Kitchen Linen Manufacturers in India in Karur

Wholesale Exporter of Kitchen Linen, Kitchen Towels, Kitchen Apron, Pot Holder, Kitchen Gloves and Ethnic Kitchen Linen - Legend International, Karur

  • Bib Apron

    A very handy item in the kitchen, these Bib Aprons is vibrant and an useful kitchen wear that guards the user's clothes from grease and grime. These bib aprons can be washed any number of times without losing colors or shape. This hard-wearing range is reasonably priced.

  • Kitchen Gloves

    Kitchen Gloves are kitchen lover's most trusted devices. These protect the hands from constant use of water and washing detergents or peck from sharp blades. We offer very high quality variety of Kitchen Glove in thin body friendly rubberized material and latex. These kitchen gloves are ideal when stacks of dishes have to be washed. The range is durable and economical.

  • Oven Mitts

    We bring for our clients a very useful variety of Oven Mitts protects the user's hands from scalding pots and kitchen burns. Made from superior cotton and polyester these aesthetically designed oven mitts are padded with cotton lining for extra protection. Our range is cost effective and durable.

  • Pot holder

    We design and create a very practical and eye-catching variety of Pot Holders that we manufacture using premium cottons and polyester. Presented in multicolor, prints and checks these pot holder are padded for additional shield from high temperature.

  • Kitchen towels

    Our high quality variety of Kitchen Towels in neutral shades, colorful streaks and checks is made from thick woven cotton. These are perfect l to wipe the kitchen counter and hands from grease and stains. This robust, simple to maintain item boosts the functionality of the running kitchen. We offer these in most reasonably priced structure.

  • Kitchen Napkins

    The select collection of Kitchen Napkins designed and created by us is striking and offered in an assortment of designs, colors and prints. This affordably priced range of kitchen napkins are perfect item to keep the kitchen in spick and span condition. Our prices are most reasonable and long lasting.

  • Tea Coasters

    Tea Coasters are very useful to keep furniture surface free from water or any residual mark from cups and saucers. These tea coasters are made from highly colorful and exquisitely printed polyester and offered in square and round designs. Tea coasters offered by us are reasonably priced and durable.


Kitchen Linen Manufacturers in India
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