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Voxvalley Technologies provides VoIP based communication applications and customized solutions to SMBs, Enterprises and VoIP telecommunication providers worldwide.
VoIP Products
  • MoSIP

    MoSIP is a SIP based application which is used to make VoIP calls over the internet to any landline or mobile. This cost-effective mobile application can connect worldwide
  • Vox Switch

    Vox Switch is primarily a carrier grade Class 5 switch that provides services like Routing, Switching, Billing and Generating reports to easily manage the business.The quality of calls
  • Vox Suite

    The Vox Suite application for a fact has proven to make life easy and less complicated for numerous businesses and companies
  • Vox PC

    Vox PC is a very unique and cost-effective solution for businesses who use their PC/Laptops a lot for connecting with every client of theirs in relation to work, from inbound to outbound calls or forthat matter to stay in constant touch with their customers. Vox PC helps them to stay readily available to their customers throughout with the help of either a PC or a Laptop.
  • Vox IM

    Vox IM is an application designed specifically for instant communication via text. This application is known for improving customer service with features that stress upon Presence and Quickness ofdata transfer which not only save time and reduces the effort, but also helps our customers to do all this in a very low and budget friendly way.
  • Vox Con

    The Vox Con application is one of the best "Conferencing app" present in market which has benefits in making affordable and easy international conference calls. Proving to be a rather helpfulapplication for Enterprises that seek to conduct conferences pertaining to members across various countries this app meets every requirement which is needed to make a conference meeting run smoothly,flawlessly and most important of all "collaboratively". From collaboration to employee training and customer service Vox Con can prove to be a very helpful, easy to use and trusted application.
  • Vox Bridge

    Vox Bridge is an Integrated, High Performance based Comprehensive application made to meet all the needs related to Business in specific. This means issues such as - low bandwidth, blocked VoIP areasand firewall zones can never cause a call to get disconnected through Vox Bridge.


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