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Welcome to Remotesup, one of the prominent manufacturers in remote monitoring security systems. Remotesup was incepted in the year 1997 and is located at Bangalore, Karnataka. We are experienced inmanufacturing and developing monitoring tools and provide end to end solutions for various industries. We utilize our engineering minds for "real-time" remote sensing, remote monitoring and securitysystems. We have made our company breakthrough during the year 2012 in remote monitoring and remote monitoring system project. We offer all types of Remote Monitoring Services. for more visit ourwebsite.
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    Power Plants: R-SMS is used in remote monitoring of power plant equipment and to ensure minimal power disturbances. Industrial equipment: R-SMS can be used in Production Plants, cement,pharmaceutical industry, mills etc. It monitors the equipment 24/7 and reports the production status Security: The devices are used in alarm systems. If there is any breach in the security, it isreported to the user immediately Transportation: Heavy duty vehicles, cabs etc., can be monitored using R-SMS with the aid of GPS and GPRS Building Management Systems: Our device can be used todetect smoke/fire. Hence, it has extensive applications in fire alarm monitoring systems i.e. in buildings, hotels, malls, etc. Pump-sets: R-SMS can be utilized as a pump-set monitoring device. Itkeeps track of the information about the pumps running/trip up with the help of GPRS connections Household Applications: They have the ability to switch on/off lights, monitor watering of plants inthe garden at any time using SMS Coal Mining: R-SMS promotes safe mining. It can detect landslides in underground and open mines Water Treatment and Sewage Boards: R-SMS can be used to check thewater level or silt level in the ponds and treatment sites. For More Visit Our Website and place your orders.


Remote Monitoring Services - CS Aerotherm Pvt Ltd
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