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Woodapple was started in 1998 as Woodapple Design by professionals from the design school IDC, at IIT Mumbai. In the initial years we gained a strong reputation for compelling concepts and visual design, in the digital media with a slew of world class clients and projects in elearning. We received extensive opportunities in creative expression of our implicit belief ¿ 'Form follows Function'.

Very shortly we made foray into the web in the year of the dotcom phenomenon, and eventually matured into a services organization in the enterprise segment with a focus on corporate websites and knowledge management initiatives and intranets. These were the years of building a strong technology arm to match its impeccable design capabilities, achieving a wholesome texture as an organization that had robust capabilities in both. This maturity provided a resilient platform that yielded valuable returns in the content and knowledge management services space. We also built frameworks and our own products which were deployed across numerous websites. At this point our design capabilities also acquired the crucial dimension of usability and user interface engineering.

As a natural progression, Woodapple added content and editorial services to complete its suite of offerings, in the process becoming a unique player that did what few others did ¿ design, technology and content, with a strong emphasis on business consulting as a precursor to any of the 3 service areas. This turning point was eventually captured in the company¿s byline ¿Design derived from content¿ that acknowledged and emphasized the relationship and the synergy between these 2 aspects which it sought to fulfill in its work. The approach to our projects is always solution centric, which makes the exercise of problem definition very crucial. In doing that Woodapple seeks to study the client and the proposition, the challenges, the users, their behaviors, their business needs before designing a customized solution.

Grounded on these key pillars of content, design and technology, Woodapple has built numerous initiatives from scratch, right from concept to realization and management. Our offering into ¿managed services¿ meant that besides creating online properties and entities, it developed a strong process of maintenance and management. This area was a different ballgame altogether, and through rigorous learning we fine tuned aspects, big and small that went into efficient management of large, dynamic information environments.

Somewhere in this vast expanse of codes, programs, style sheets, brand guidelines, research and writing, Woodapple¿s core started firming around people and relationships. About integrity in service and an honest approach towards work. We realized early that a successful project isn¿t only about brilliant consulting or great research or impeccable software, but the people behind it. We learnt about the importance of the smallest of tasks undertaken by the junior most resources. We learnt that a sincere and great approach by some good people in the organization chased shoddy attitudes and beliefs away.

Because our expertise lay across varied fields, many people from different backgrounds walk into the company to create a mosaic of a decentralized and distributed system. We have tried to foster a practice of inclusion, an approachable hierarchy without necessarily calling it flat and keeping things simple.

  • Social Media

    Social media can be used as a powerful component of many different types of marketing campaign.

    Social media can be effectively used for both long-term awareness building engagement and finite-term brand launch campaigns. Woodapple will help you add a powerful social component to your marketing. We can use our knowledge of online networks and websites to help you effectively integrate this powerful tool.

  • Reputation Management

    Social networks are a new and growing area with many conversations flowing in real time.

    Twitter has passed 5 billion tweets

    Facebook receives 45 million status updates a day

    Lead generation

    Some of these conversations are about you or issues relevant to your business.

    Monitoring and sometimes participating in these conversations gives you valuable intelligence and an opportunity to engage with clients in an informal space. We can help you not only monitor these real-time conversations but also analyse trends from past posts and track the evolution of ideas and attitudes to your industry and your brand.

    Woodapple will help you find the right solution for your company from providing reputation monitoring services to training and mentoring your employees to carry out this vital task in-house

  • Economic Intelligence Service

    Woodapple offers investment related research, tracking dynamic investment trends in countries by exclusive reportage on progress in business policy, changing market trends, increasing investor interest and the demanding consumer.

    Country Reports: Providing comprehensive reports on specific market mapping, political outlook, economic indicators and outlook, regulatory environment.

    Market Segment Studies: Examining specific market segments for market size, competitors and products, regulatory issues and distribution networks.

    Regulatory Environment Studies: Providing information on regulatory practices that impact a company's ability to enter and operate in a particular business segment or geography. Providing updates on government policies, pertaining to foreign investments and markets.


    Sector Opportunity Reports

    FDI Reports

    Investment Toolkit

    Investment Newsletters

    Doing Business Guides

    White papers & Essays

  • Editorial Service

    For effective presentation of the research content, we provide comprehensive editorial services, which include content editorial, statistical information presentation and content repositioning across a range of media including online and print media.

  • Interaction Design Service

    nteraction is at the core of the web experience and is the source of the power of the medium. Woodapple can help you harness this potential and increase the effectiveness of your web presence. User interfaces do much more than just get your site visitors from A to B. They guide your visitors through your site and teach them the most effective ways to get what they want.

    Woodapple has a strong foundation in design from the perspective of form following function. We understand the importance of expressing hierarchies of information through design cues, guiding users with subtle feedback and allowing them to easily retrace their steps when they achieve an unexpected result.

    Your user interface is how your website interacts with your users. Improving this communication will enhance your users experience increasing the volume of successful transactions, increase the rate of customer retention and improve the perception of your products and brand.

  • Sector Intelligence Service

    Woodapple's sector intelligence service creates opportunities for organisations scouting for ongoing market intelligence driven by research experts. This value added research complements an organisation's own research to build a composite inventory of past trends and upcoming key players, competitors and industry trends, without having to invest heavily in their own research.

    Sector Growth Trends: Tracking industry trends and development of new products, best practices and market size.

    Sector Opportunities: Conducting business research to collect specific data points on markets, industries, regions, verticals, etc. to find the right opportunity.

    Company Profiling: Making company specific reports to give an insight into a company's operations, financials, market position, and its core competencies; providing summary of a company's history, operations, products & services, management structure, investment details and financial performance


    Sectoral Reports

    Company Reports

  • Pay Per Click Advertising Solution

    Pay per click advertising (PPC) is a search engine marketing method that gives instant online presence, on major search engines, for almost unlimited number of keywords pertaining to your business. You can create multiple ad copies and different landing pages linked to them and bring forth the highlights of your business in the most effective manner.

  • Internet Marketing Services

    We offer many different traffic generation strategies in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on behalf of our clients.We do our best to help you dominate the search engine results in an effort to bring you targeted traffic that is meaningful to your business.We do Search Engine Optimization (both on-page and off page).


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