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VitalSmarts improves organizational performance and solves pressing issues like productivity, cost, quality, and diversity by identifying behaviors that keep organizations stuck.

VitalSmarts created Crucial Conversations, Crucial Confrontations and the Influencer Training programs. These are the best in class training for development solutions that produce visible results across all levels within an organization. VitalSmarts has been ranked - six times by Inc magazine - as one of the fastest growing companies in America and has trained more than 10,000,00 people worldwide. Hence our claim that we are the best in the business!

The VitalSmarts authors have written New York Times bestseller like " Change Anything ", "Crucial Conversations" ," Crucial Confrontations " and "Influencer".VitalSmarts also offers on site consulting, research, executive team development and speaking engagements. As stand alone training solutions or all of them, our programs lead with excellence.

  • Crucial Conversation

    An innovator in best practice training, Crucial Conversations is a program that works across a wide spectrum of road blocks to a company's success. It enables you from mending interpersonal skills to enhancing employee engagement. A dependable tool, Crucial Conversations facilitates knocking out barriers to employee engagement and helps increase productivity. It is a potent technique to holding any conversation that has crucial consequences and supports interpersonal skills effectively.


VitalSmarts India
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