Direct Hair Transplantation in Gurgaon

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic surgery which provides extra hair ranging in number from 1000 to 5000 to the bald scalp. The hairs along with the roots (follicular units) are taken from the back of scalp and are transplanted on to bald area on the frontal scalp and the vertex.

  • Hair Transplantation

    DHT (direct hair transplantation) is the latest innovation in the existing FUE technique.The modern methods of hair transplantation involve transplantation of individual follicular units and provide completely natural appearance. These hairs remain life-long. They grow and undergo cutting just like natural hair. However, the progression of baldness is not arrested after surgery and the transplanted hair grow after 3-4 months. A combination of medicines and surgery thus provides the best final result.


Direct Hair Transplantation
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