Advanced Fluoro Tubes in Gokhivare Vasai East. 401208. Maharashtra, India.

Advanced Fluoro Tubes offers a range of quality PTFE tubes that find their usages in a number of industries including air conditioning, bakeries, canning, aerospace, construction and many more. PTFE or what is also known as Teflon has a number of unique properties that justify their widespread applications. The material has a very high melting point coupled with a significantly low coefficient of friction. Aftubes has a team of technical and polymer experts who carries out the otherwise difficult extrusion process of the PTFE tubes with commendable expertise. The professionals give their clients with thorough insight into the uses and applications of the Tubes.

  • PTFE Teflon Tube manufacturer

    Advanced fluro tubes manufacturers supply best PTFE tubes and products to their international customers for any type of tubing applications

    • PTFE  Teflon Tube manufacturer
  • Teflon Tube

    PTFE Tubing due to its unique properties caters to a wide range of industrial applications like chemical, automotive, etc. Know about the applications.

    • Teflon Tube


Advanced Fluoro Tubes
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