LMP Exim in E.Pudupatty, Endapuli, Periakulam, Dindigul

We LMP Exim, are supplier and exporter of fresh agro products comprising typically Indian fruits and vegetables for which there is a growing demand in the markets in different parts of the globe. Ourrange is fresh, devoid of cultivation and post harvest chemical substances, superbly packaged and timely delivered.
  • Fresh Citrus Fruit

    We offer an excellent variety of Fresh Citrus Fruit. The fruits ripened on trees and picked by hand conform to global standards of earth friendly cultivation and harvesting methods. The fresh citrusfruit offered by us is delivered straight to the client's doorstep from the groves without any intermittent processing operations. The fruits offered by is as pleasing to the eyes and even morepleasant to the palate. The citrus fruit is packed with ascorbic acid the source of vitamin C. This acid prevents scurvy and other skin diseases. We ship the citrus fruits in netted nylon or in jutesacks. This type of packaging keeps the fruits in harvest fresh condition till it reaches the table of the clients.
  • Coconut

    One of the most common vegetable offered to our overseas clients is the coconuts. The coconut products offered by us come from coconuts that can be with or without husks. We get our coconut from mostreliable growers, who cultivate the product using environment friendly methods that ensure sweet water, thick fleshy cream and unique natural sweet taste. Coconut is a tropical fruit and is known forits wide ranging applications in many domestic, commercial, and industrial uses of its different parts. Coconut is a daily diet for of many people around the world. Apart from being a great edibleproduct coconuts are great source of oil from copra or dried coconut(( from the kernel) charcoal from the hard shell and coir from the fibrous husk.
  • Fresh Fruit

    The diverse climate that our country has is conducive to the cultivation of wide ranging assortment of fresh fruits & vegetables. India ranks second in fruits and vegetables production in theworld, after China. We offer a wide varities of fresh mango, pineapple, papaya, amla.
  • Fresh Vegetables

    We have taken opportunity of India's status as the largest grower of some of the fresh fruits and vegetables in the world and stepping into the domain to serve consumers across the global marketswith our country's prolific produce. We offer a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables that are cultivated under most environment friendly manner. We select our vendors with utmost scrutiny, as ontheir quality parameters depend our commitment to serve clients with naturally grown and harvested fresh agro products without jeopardizing health in any manner with the usage of damaging chemicals.The fresh vegetables exported by us are packed with nutrition, full of natural juices and packaged most scientifically that keeps the content in freshly harvested manner for a long time. We are in aposition to export any quantity as desired by clients. Industry leading prices and timely delivery are our strong points.


LMP Exim
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