Water Cooled Water Chiller Suppliers in Coimbatore - Everest Refrigeraation in Coimbatore

We design and manufacture a very efficient range of Water Cooled Water Chiller that is equipped with A-type compressor screw with powerful cooling ability, low noise, low vibration, high efficiencyand great dependability. For More visit here: chillerandcooler.com
  • Water Cooled Water Chillers

    Our Water-cooled units offer a constant stream of chilled water year round and are unaffected by changes in the outdoor temperature. In addition to air-conditioning applications, they are also ahighly reliable, industrial process-cooling solution thanks to their superior stability and wide temperature control range.
  • Features of our Water Cooled Water Chillers

    High-performance Twin Screw Compressor, Most powerful Chillers, Continuous Capacity Control, Large temperature Difference, Compact Heat Recovery System by Using a Plate-type Heat Exchanger, ExternalSignal Input / Output, Automatic Recovery from Power Failure(short power cut), Heat Exchanger for High Water Pressure (option), Liquid Crystal Screen Display, Error Operation/ Error SettingPrevention Control, Safety Devices and many more. to know more details and to place your orders visit our website.


Water Cooled Water Chiller Suppliers in Coimbatore - Everest Refrigeraation
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