Sankara Eye Hospital in Coimbatore

Sankara Eye Care Institutions is a group of 11 eye hospitals comprises a team of 125 doctors, 600 paramedical professionals, 275 support staff and has touched the lives of over 40 million people in these 35 plus years. Its mission towards freeing mankind of preventable and curable blindness continues to follow divine light. Sankara's vision remains truly secular in nature. In fact, the eyes of one of the founder trustees was donated to a member of a different religion. All stakeholders in Sankara believe that corneas know no religion, socio-economic status or other perceived barriers. And therefore, they continue to touch lives.


Cataract Clinic :

The Cataract Clinic at SECI is equipped with world class infrastructure and is overseen by an expert team of doctors and paramedical staff. The clinic is equipped to screen, detect, diagnose and offer right procedural corrections for cataract and cataract related eye disorders. SECI specialists are trained in some of the world's best hospitals, in order to provide unparalleled care.

Cornea and External Diseases Clinic :

The Cornea Specialist team is trained to deliver world-class care for a variety of corneal disorders, such as corneal infections, corneal injuries, tear disorders, corneal dystrophy and other degenerative disorders. The department works in close coordination with Sankara Eye Bank for immediate and effective corneal transplants.

Glaucoma Services :

The Glaucoma Clinic at SECI specialises in effective long-term management of Glaucoma and associated complications that are likely to arise with this degenerative disorder. As a matter of procedure, all patients are screened for Glaucoma / possible Glaucoma, as timely intervention is crucial to its effective management.

Low Vision Services :

This specialised eye care service focuses on periodic examination and vision problems across all age groups.

Orbit and Occuloplasty :

SECI specialists in Occuloplastic surgery are trained to detect and diagnose congenital defects, injuries, age-related eye disorders, degenerative disorders etc and offer advanced surgical options to restore vision.

Ocular Oncology Services :

The entire range of oncology services namely surgical, radiological and chemotherapeutic facilities have been made available at Sankara Eye Hospital, Bangalore. This is one of the very few centres in the whole country providing Brachytherapy for Retinoblastoma in children.

Paediatric Opthamology :

Sankara started its Paediatric Ophthalmology services with the noble aim of bringing back light into a child's world. Over the years, the department has grown in leaps and bounds and has undertaken a host of initiatives to minimize long-term impact on lifestyles in children. Today, SECI is proud to be actively involved and set a trend in community participation initiatives like Teacher-student model in school screening.

Uveitis & Medical Retina :

This range of eye related disorders involves investigation and diagnosis of infective and inflammatory conditions of the retina and uvea.

Vitreoretinal Services :

As a matter of procedure, all patients at SECI hospitals undergo retinal examination to diagnose disorders pertaining to the retina. Preterm infants are screened for ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity). The Paediatric Ophthalmology team is specially equipped and trained to address critical eye disorders in children - even newborns.


Sankara Eye Hospital
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