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We design and manufacture a very efficient range of Water Cooled Water Chiller that is equipped with A-type compressor screw with powerful cooling ability, low noise, low vibration, high efficiencyand great dependability. Our Water-cooled units offer a constant stream of chilled water year round and are unaffected by changes in the outdoor temperature. In addition to air-conditioningapplications, they are also a highly reliable, industrial process-cooling solution thanks to their superior stability and wide temperature control range.
  • Air Cooled Chiller

    Air Cooled Chillers manufactured by us is critically appreciated for its unique features. Simple installation saves money and time. With environmentally sound refrigerant, simple installation,superior efficiency and powerful controls, these units are ideal for both replacement and new construction projects. We have a free sampling policy and pack our consignments as per the clients'specification. The range offered by us can be customized to meet client specifications. Our range of air cooler is most cost effective.
  • Milk Chiller

    Clients can avail from us a comprehensive range of Milk Chillers that is ideally to be used in ambient temperature up to 50°C with laser-welded evaporator plates providing full surfaces for heattransfer. The coolers offered by us are simple to install and use and are offered in diverse sizes and configurations. . Our milk coolers are appreciated for being reliable, efficient and consumeless energy for cooling milk. The milk coolers are designed according to ISO specifications adopted in different countries
  • Industrial Refrigeration Chiller

    We bring for our clients a comprehensive range of Industrial Refrigeration Chillers that are fitted with most advanced and unique features for extensive industrial application. Our IndustrialRefrigeration chillers feature easy to use standardized control components which are time tested and widely available throughout the global marketplace to create a system engineered for years ofreliable service. The range offered by us are sturdy, durable and offered at industry leading prices.
  • Industrial Process Chiller

    The broad range of Industrial Process Chillers manufactured by us deliver brilliant solutions for diverse applications - from small retail projects to large commercial and industrial Cooling schemes.A variety of energy intensive, niche industrial operations leverage on chillers for accurate control of process cooling and climate management. To suit individual specifications we offer variousspecifications of industrial process cooling chillers. Our process chillers are manufactured using most advanced technology that enhances performance, irrespective of the environment.
  • Industrial Freezer

    We offer Industrial Freezers that are ultra-low temperature industrial freezers equipped with heavy-duty construction. These Industrial Freezers are designed to offer lasting and trouble freeservices. These freezers are predominantly used for age-hardening, stress relieving, expansion assembly, martensiting, dimensional stabilization, epoxy storage, industrial cooling, heat treating andproduction chilling applications.Our industrial freezers are designed for wide ranging cold storage applications from light duty storage in areas where laboratory freezers are either absent or notgood enough, to heavy-duty applications for exacting situations. Along with standard freezers we also offer customized options to meet client specifications.
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Industrial Water Chillers manufacturers in india - Everest Refrigeraation
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