Hitech Systems in Coimbatore

HITEC SYSTEMS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which started it's business opertaions in the year 2002. It leads the market in the manufacture of Control Transformer, Control Panel, Line Choke,Harmonic Filters, Weighing Machine and Soft Starter. Our products are a rigorous outcome of best brains in the electrical industry and stringent quality parameters. The products manufactured by usinvolve international quality materials like Siemens-Germany, ABB- Italy, Schneider-France, L&T.
  • Products

    We offer the following Products: Control Transformer, Control Panel, Line Choke, Harmonic Filters, Weighing Machine, Soft Starter and many sub products. For More info and details, check out ourwebsite: hitecsystems.net
  • Control Transformer

    Control Transformers transforms high main circuit voltage to a lower voltage. That volatage can then be utilized for controlling or switching components of the main circuit. Technical Specification :-System voltage 415V/220V-50/60 Hz . -Primary & Secondary voltages are as per customer requirment. -Type of core lamination CRNO and CRGO . -Type of winding wire copper enameled - F Classinsulted copper wire. -Bobbins FRP/SMC/Red Fiber . -High voltage breakdown 2.5KV for 1 minute. -Insulation resistance more than 50 Ohms . -Regulation at continues fullload 3.5% to 5%.
  • Control Panel

    Control Panels are flat, often vertical, area where control or monitoring instruments are displayed. Mostly found in factories to monitor and control machines. production lines and in places such asnuclear power plants, ships, aircraft and mainframe computers. Control panels are equipped with touch screens that are used for monitoring and control purposes.
  • Line Choke

    Chokes serve the all important purpose of barring higher frequency AC in a circuit. It allows both AC and DC to pass with low power loss because of it's low electrical resistance.
  • Harmonic Filters

    Harmonic Frequency Filters are important in ensuring electromagnetic compatibility. These Filters have an excellent symmetry metrics. They can also be customized depending on the amount of data thatneeds to be transmitted. They are advantageous because of their low space requirements.
  • Weighing Machine

    We manufacture weighing machines in nine different variants, which serves various industrial purposes across many industries. The weighing machines saves times and manpower. It also avoids errorsfrom human counting. All our weighing machines are automated and are built to perform. It also provides the ease of securing data in the way the client wants it. The weighing machine is equipped withall parts like Auto conveyor, Main Feeding Conveyor, Aligning Feeder, Weighing Conveyor, PLC based conveyor controller, PC with the required software.
  • Soft Starter

    Soft Starter Machines are used with motors to temporarily reduce the load and electric current surge during startup. They can be manufactured using mechanical or electrical devices or both. It playsa vital role in preserving the life of a machinery system. We manufacture them in three diffrent variants.


Hitech Systems
control transformer, control panel, line choke, harmonic filters, weighing machine, soft starter