Harvester in Coimbatore

Industrial Compressor Exporters from Coimbatore,India.We design ,develop and export an extensive range of Reciprocating Compressors suitable for use in refrigeration and air-conditioning operationsin most demanding industrial applications.
ndian Subcontinent, Middle East, African Countries, Europe, South East Asian and North America .
  • Reciprocating Compressor

    We design and develop a wide range of Reciprocating Compressors suitable for use in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat-pump operations in many industrial applications. There are manyCompressors in different sizes. The performance and quality of the Compressor meets the clients requirements.
  • Reciprocating Piston Compressor

    Customers can benefit from us Oil-Free Reciprocating Piston Compressor which is a perfect combo of vigorous outline with the best of engineering as far as bundling and supplies. Our reciprocatingpiston compressors offer air and nitrogen compression from 7 to 45 bars. Offered in mono-stage or two-stage machine, this reach flawlessly suits a wide mixture of prerequisites as far as stream andweights. Our range is cost effective and remarkably proficient.
  • Low Pressure Compressor

    We manufacture a wide range of Low Pressure Compressors in custom and standard arrangement. This low weight compressor can work with electric, gas or diesel engines of the same gauge. Our commerciallow weight compressors are broken down into three classes, light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty.
  • Pet Bottle Compressor

    We offer Pet Bottle Compressors that are in a perfect world suited for PET container blowing provisions which work with self-automatic machines. These pet bottle compressors meet blowing applicationswhich require a working pressure of 35 bar since its greatest operating pressure is 40 bar. The range is suitable for blowing machines for carbonated beverages like soda, scratching of shapes inbottles.


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