Woven Garments Manufacturers - Veltextile in Chennai

We are Renowned Knitted Garments Suppliers, Woven Garments Manufacturers, Home Textile Suppliers & Patchwork Fabrics Exporters that are created from renowned cotton that are trendy, durable and visually appealing

  • Mens Wear

    We Offer All types of Woven mens Wear Products such as Shorts, Bermudas, boxers, Pyjamas and many More Products.

  • Women's Wear

    We offer all types of Womens Woven Wear Products such as Shorts, shirts, Capris, Skirts and Many more Products.

  • Kids Wear

    We offer Variety of Woven Kids wear Products Such as Shirts, Shorts and Pyjamas.

    These Products are available in Various Sizes and Colours that are very Smooth in Quality and Use.

    We also take Bulk Orders and offers available on Bulk Orders and Purchases.


Woven Garments Manufacturers - Veltextile
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