Online UPS Suppliers - Zenelec Power System Pvt Ltd in Chennai

We, Zenelec Power Systems Pvt. Ltd, are manufacturers and suppliers of a vast line up of On Line UPS in india.
  • Our Products are as follows:

    Small Online UPS, Medium Online UPS, Digital Online UPS, High Frequency Online UPS, Industrial Online UPS, Electrical Online UPS, High End Online UPS, Lift Online UPS and many other products
  • Small Online UPS

    We offer Small Online UPS measuring 1KVA to 3KVA capacity. This range offers power protection for small data centers, small office networks. This desktop workstation satisfies safety criteria andelectromagnetic compatibility standards, and offers intelligent monitoring and network management functions. The product range is single phase input/output.
  • Medium Online UPS

    We design and manufacture medium power online UPS that are suitable for small and medium office areas, hospital equipment and color lab. The range comes with s true online topology, extended backupfacility and reliable EMI - RFI noise filter. It offers clean sine wave output with less than 3% THD and has capacity ranging from 1KVA till 7KVA. Supported by fully microprocessor controlled systemthe medium online UPS offers safeguard from lightning, surge and short circuit. This UPS is quite compact, accepts wide input voltage range.
  • Digital Online UPS

    We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Digital Online UPS that find application in various operations. The range is manufactured using most advanced technology that makes it capableof offering excellent performance in most challenging situations. This model offers an excellent ratio between size, power supplied and back-up times provided, making it ideal for operation insituations requiring specific attention to the protection of the business. It is suitable for medium sized businesses and for professional applications in general, and is particularly suitable forprotection in IT environments due to the flexibility of back-up time.
  • High Frequency Online UPS

    We use most advanced technology to manufacture a comprehensive range of High Frequency Online UPS that offers solutions to a variety of power bakup requirements.
  • Industrial Online UPS

    As an ISO 9001 certified organization we take every precaution in manufacturing most advanced range of Industrial Online UPS with capacity ranging from 1KVA till 120KVA. The product ranges are Singlephase input/output, Three phase input and single phase output & Three phase input and Three phase output.
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Online UPS Suppliers - Zenelec Power System Pvt Ltd
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