Modi Trading Corporation-conveyor belt Manufacturers in Bengaluru

Modi Trading Corporation was incorporated in the year 1977, Modi Trading Corporation is a trusted and famous industry that is engaged in manufacturing a wide range of material handling products and also involves in offering the fabrication assembly works such as Conveyor Belts, Rollers and Idlers, Rubber Sheets and some other products too. These products are designed as per the good practices of engineers and are in compliance with the industrial quality standards. We are dedicated towards the customer satisfaction that helps us in meeting the demands of our clients based all over.

  • Conveyor Belts

    Conveyor Belts are made up of two or more pulleys, with a continuous loop material. The belts consist of more layers of material that are made up of pure rubber. Modi Trading Corporation has wide varieties of conveying machines with different principles of operation. The conveyance direction includes vibrating conveyors, roller conveyor system, pneumatic conveyors, screw conveyors, moving floor system and more, which are very useful in manufacturing these best quality conveyor belts.


Modi Trading Corporation-conveyor belt Manufacturers
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