Transwater System Pvt Ltd in Bangalore

We are the next generation water treatment solution provider. Our organization TransWaters Private Limited formerly known as Blorebuy specializes in offering clients real time and cost-effective Water treatment solutions that has least Environmental impact.

  • Water treatment Plant Systems

    We offer a very comprehensive range of Water Treatment Plant that offers perfect solutions to water treatment problems posed by high rate of population growth and urbanization.

    We have 2 main products they are:

    RO Water Treatment Plant

    Industrial Water Treatment Plant.

  • Other Products

    Water Conditioner Media

    Iron Removal Media

    Pre filtration System

    Industrial Water Softener

    Industrial RO system

    and many more products.

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  • Water Conditioner Media

    Water Conditioner Media is an innovative product which is environment friendly and an alternative to Water Softener. Hard Water issues can now be solved without any chemicals and maintenance free.Water Conditioner is the best Solution for all the customers who are finding difficulty to add salt to their existing water softener system.
  • Iron Removal Media

    Iron Removal Media is an efficient and economical filtration media that is specially designed to minimize dissolved iron and manganese compounds from the water.
  • Ro Water Treatment Plant

    RO Water Treatment Plant is a water treatment plant which offers many solutions like removal of salts and other impurities in order to improve the color, taste or properties of the fluid. Our reverseosmosis plant and reverse osmosis water purifiers integrate all of the mechanisms and arrangement required for operation, as well as the adaptability to specific customer requirements. We useexcellent reverse osmosis a membrane element that guarantees impeccable operation.
  • Industrial Water Softener

    Our industrial water softeners feature unique, patented engineering innovations to provide greater efficiency, more capacity, higher flow rates, higher system reliability, and lower operating costs.Our range of industrial water purifier is hardwearing, accurately designed, and highly efficient and offers great value for money.
  • Industrial RO System

    We offer a wide range of Industrial RO System which is a process of water filtration that works under high pressure, using special membranes to remove suspended, dissolved, bacterial and chemicalimpurities from water. Our Industrial RO system destroys entire toxic chemicals, germs and salts present in water to provide a safe and contamination free water. Reverse osmosis system uses semipermeable membrane which lets only unpolluted solvent to pass through it while the solute (i.e. dissolved material) retains on other side and finally get rejected.
  • Industrial Water Treatment System

    Industrial Water Treatment System is a very effective method of treating variety of process water, industrial and commercial purpose. This procedure is commonly used for purifying brackish / high TDSwater for Industrial Purposes. We customize this Industrial Water Treatment System as per the specifications of our clients. The general Water Treatment Plant would be atleast 3 stages:- Stage 1:Amiad Filtration System: Stage 2: Activated Carbon Filter / Iron Removal Filter / Fluoride Removal Filter Stage 3: Water Conditioners / Water Softeners
  • Pre-Filtration Systems (Amiad, Azud)

    We use Pre-Filtration Systems (Amiad, Azud) for removal of dusts / silts and particles upto 100 Micron ; these are Imported Mesh type filters. The relation between the water footprint of anindustrial facility, which describes its overall consumption and efficiency of its water use, and its carbon footprint - which mirrors the energy used to move, heat, cool or treat water - has neverbeen more apparent. Features: 1. Easy maintenance: No tools required for extracting the elements from the filter housing for rinsing 2. High quality, excellent mechanical strength and corrosionresistance 3. Low pressure loss 4. Interchangeable filter elements for wide range of flow rates, various filtration degrees, and irrigation applications 5. Screen cylinders or Disc elements


Transwater System Pvt Ltd
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