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impetus Technocare is an emerging IT solutions provider company. We have the extensive expertise, experience and resources to develop Customized software applications that best suit your needs, budget, schedule and existing infrastructure. Our management team has strong IT experience and operational expertise from multiple MNC in overseas locations. It has been developed after an in-depth analysis of the requirements of an Education Institute and in close coordination with the educationists of distinction, thereby proposing to increase the efficiency of the entire system. Affordable pricing makes our products more competitive and easily available to anyone interested in technological efficiency.


To be the company that best understands & satisfies the Customer through quality product and services. Mission-our mission is always endeavor to Customers through quality, performance and innovation.


As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, Trustworthy, hard work, honesty, personal excellence, and reciprocated respect.

Our Belief

we believe in utilizing technology to make things simple and easy to use and provide the product & services on time and Affordable. We also believe in thinking ahead and delivering product and service that can easily incorporate the technological advancement.

  • Online School College Management Software

    Impetus Technocare Education management System (EMS) is an unique and comprehensive SAAS-based application software that simplifies administrative management, academic management and enabling institutions with better decision making capabilities. For School and information providers, portal will be integrated with institution, student information systems and other systems. It will give you a competitive edge. It eliminates the headache of multiple logins to various applications, websites and repositories.

  • College Management Software

    It provides a powerful and fully automated online College management system that effectively manages all the functions related to Student, Management, Teachers and College Campus. It enormously helps improve the productivity levels of College staff & students and reduces over head costs. It provides more than 40 unique Institute Management functionalities that enable institutes to operate in a smooth and efficient way. Our Institute management software and operational model together provide a revolutionary and cost effective solution to educational institutions and promote technology at its best.

  • Mobile Apps Development

    Android Mobile: Android is growing in popularity each and every month. Both businesses and consumers alike are realizing the power that this open-source platform. Android Mobile Apps Development using the popular Google Android Platform for Smartphones to take advantage of its design, compatibility and flexible features to create innovative next generation applications. Windows Mobile: Windows has earned positive reviews for its mobile operating system. Custom Windows Mobile Apps development for smartphones and mobile handsets using the Windows Mobile platform for unique business needs of your organization to increase your productivity and improve your competitive advantage.

  • Website Development

    The Internet is the new medium and website is a tool that empowers business growth and it provides a platform for promoting and selling your products and services to customers across the globe. With today's demanding audience, the first impression made on a potential customer, an employee or a partner is what counts. They are increasingly becoming holistic marketing tools that may or may not be as easy to search and find as others, that house and share content, that engage users in a memorable way. A Good designed website is therefore the most important tool to attract customers. A Good website design must have visual appeal, user friendliness, and rich content and above all, be search engine optimized in order to attract & retain visitors. Our specialized services and unique blend of strategy, technology, design capability and quality implementation has helped us gain our clients confidence and excel in this domain of portal development. Our efficient, experienced and creative team helps clients develop targeting and appealing online experiences for their stakeholders. We follow a critical execution pattern that focuses around representing our clients on the internet as closely as possible to the brand goodwill and personality they have built through their offline marketing initiatives.

  • Custom Software Development

    Impetus Technocare specialize in the development of custom software applications and offers a rich repertoire of software services to clients seeking Custom software solutions. We can help map your business needs and create a usable, fit for purpose business application. We provide our clients with the exact tailor-made software solutions that will meet their specific business requirements. With our expert knowledge and experience of technology components, software tools, application integration techniques, and multi-platform environments, we create optimal business applications that meet your business and technology needs.


Impetus Technocare Pvt. Ltd.
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