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SalesAgentUSA.com is the premier website where companies find sales agents, sales reps, and distributors who can market and sell their products or services in the USA and Canada.

  • Standard Plan

    Our Standard Plan gives you access to our database of qualified and interested sales agents. You will be able to search for and contact relevant sales agents. Sales agents will be able to search for and contact you as well. When you are activated, relevant sales agents will get an automatic e-mail with a link to your profile. If you choose to do so, you can also receive automatic e-mail alerts when new, relevant sales agents are activated. As another part of the Standard Plan, we will provide a list of relevant sales agents that are hand-picked based on your requirements to help get you started in the process of finding sales agents.

  • Premium Plan

    The Premium Plan is an end-to-end solution that includes all the features of the Standard Plan, plus the support of our dedicated Customer Care team. These individuals will reach out to relevant sales agents on your behalf. We will hand-pick the most relevant sales agents based on your requirements and conduct e-mail and phone campaigns to find the most qualified and interested ones. When we find a relevant sales rep that meets the client's requirements and is interested in pursuing a working relationship, we provide both the sales rep and the client with each other's contact information so that these they may meet privately to discuss important issues surrounding employment, including commission structure and payment. We will provide a sample Sales Agent Contract to help this negotiation process.

    A Premium Plan also includes additional services. Clients receive a featured profile and verified company logo, which will give your company more visibility and credibility. Each month, the client will receive a report detailing the work we've done and sales agents contacted. Our Design team will create a Video Presentation for the client to share and distribute. Furthermore, registration for a Standard Plan on one of our sister sites of your choosing is included.

  • Full Service Plan

    This is our most comprehensive plan. The Full Service Plan includes all the features of the Premium Plan plus a variety of other business-related services, provided by our in-house team, which will help your company with your sales, marketing, and PR efforts. These services include website design, SEO, press release composition & submission, lead generation, CRM solutions, and advertising placement. Additionally, you will be registered with a Standard Plan on three of our sister sites of your choosing.


EMBEEM Incorporated, Sales Agent USA
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